Group Exhibition Multidisciplinary
The new exhibition in the Peace Gallery deals with the space between words and art and how it is expressed in various ways. Is there still respect for the word? For the flavor, the history, the color it contains?  Language, the word – do they have a place of respect in the art sphere today, or are they being erased from the discourse as room is made for the visual image? Can art deal with language without illustrating it? Without creating it as an object?
The participating artists examine the relationship between art and words today. Some study language as representation; others examine it as background, surface or substrate; some deal with cataloging, encryption and encoding while others stretch the boundaries of classical genres of language – such as written poetry, literature or rap as a style of musical poetry – into the gallery space.
Through various media, they mull the place and the essence of language, modes of communication, existence or non-existence of connections among different languages and differences in the way language is structured, as expressed in the first cave paintings and in the increasingly popular use of emojis.
The exhibition presents a multidisciplinary body of works from the realms of painting, photography, sculpture, video art, video performance, sound, dance, installation and performance. The relationships created among the works offer additional meanings.
The show opening includes performance art. Some of the performances will appear again during the period of the exhibition, and they will all come together once more during the closing event.
Participating artists: Avigail Arnheim, Ossi Yalon, Irit Bahalul, Elly Hollenhorst, Alexandra Zaslav, Ariella Shaposhnik, Dana Baharav, Daphna Shapira Hasson, Hadass Gertman, Isac Broza, Magdi Halaby, Mor Peled, Michal Pirani, Miray Shinan, Soha Faroja, Sohad Deeb, Sigal Nir, Said Affassi, Aysha e Arar, Anati Turk, Tsibi Geva, Rabeah Morkus, Rania Akel, Racheli Vardy-Granot, Rani Elinav, Shunit Gal.
Atar Geva and Anat Lidror