חסר רכיב


A Photography Exhibition Through Other Eyes Is a photography exhibition Presenting a unique, other, different view of a heterogeneous group of young people of the program Through Other Eyes 2018, created moments before these Arab and Jewish peers are to become adults and leaders in the Israeli society. 
 Over the course of the year, the group learned the secrets of photography and the power of a picture in conveying a message. 
They then went out together to the environment and places they lived, where they were guests in the homes of their peers and got to know each other's families.
 In each visit to a family, the home and its surroundings became a setting for the group members to photograph. 
The exhibition GETTING OUT OF THE BUBBLE presents, through the camera lens a collection of insights of the group members, which have been condensed into one central insight about our living in a bubble and the desire and courage that are required to leave it.
 The bubble confines each and every one of us inside our comfortable surroundings, the environment in which we were born and to which we are accustomed. 
Together, the group members reached the insight that they must pop the bubble and begin to grapple with a truth, which is different from their own, to find a way to cope with difficulty and disagreement, to agree to observe and discuss problems and dilemmas existing in our shared Israeli society.
 The cross-cultural encounter demands courage: to leave a place of comfort, to be willing to become acquainted face-to-face with new and different language, culture, tradition and customs and to agree to get new friends, who live right here on the other side of the road, of the social divide.
 Leaving the Bubble visually illustrates not only the differences but also the similarities and identical places we are in, such as everyone's need to feel equal and to live in equality.
 Through this exceptional, shared viewpoint, the presenters enable the viewers, as well, to comprehend what bubble they themselves live in, how threatening it may feel to leave the bubble and at the same time how fascinating, meaningful awakening and even truly enjoyable that can fill! We invite you, the viewers, to enter this exhibition with an open mind, to take part in the experience and to leave your bubble. 
 Rama Yazma, Rauf Abu Pani – Program Leaders 

Quotes by Participants in Through Others' Eyes 
"For me the bubble is an enormous thing.
 Leaving the bubble for me is getting out into the world and being active.
" Noga ------ "Getting out of the bubble for me is getting into a bigger bubble.
" Tarek ------ "The purpose of the bubble is to believe in yourself. It's enough to believe in yourself for you to get out of it and not betray your truth.
" Shaked ------ "The bubble is my comfort zone. Leaving the bubble is an action that's not necessarily comfortable for me, that won't be easy for me to do – to expose myself and be willing to open up to something new.
" Anog ------ "Leaving the bubble is leaving the known context, opening up to more things, getting to know something more and not just my own life, reaching a different place, a different routine.
" Gal Eisner ------ "The bubble for me is the ordinary things, leaving it is doing new things.
" Abdullah ------ "Getting out of the bubble is to open to different opinions that I didn't know before.
" Tami ------ "For me, being in the bubble means acting in times as I want to but not as I should, and feeding the monster. Getting out of the bubble is acting not as I would like to but as I should and not feeding the monster." Uri/Ori
חסר רכיב